Difficulty Essay #2

Ginsue Yang

Rex (Professor Exequiel Ganding III)

Eng 201B


Difficulty Essay #2

In a person’s life begins his/her first breath on Earth and their last. An individual should envy their life with everything they got. One small mistake can cause a life, and will never see the day of light on Earth again. “Death by toxins becomes another remote concept,” (on page 293) is the passage I chose to write about. Death is fear by everyone, there is no other way to avoid it. One day it will come knocking at your door.

A fast way to kill is by toxins. Yet it can be slow and a painful death that cannot be bear. Toxins can be from anywhere where an individual lay his or her foot down.  Chemicals from laboratory can be dangerous for an individual that can inhale or be absorbed by the human flesh—for example: Mercury. Other toxicities are alcohol in drinks, in medicine in the medicine cabinets, plants from the outdoors, and also in the food we eat. However, some toxicity is good for the human body.

Remote is what is being called far away from civilization, society, or any other populated area; also could mean to be situated a long way away. Concept is something that somebody has thought up. Or that somebody might be able to imagine. Other meanings to it are a broad abstract idea or a guiding general principle, and the most basic understanding of something.

How “death by toxins” is relates to another “remote concept?” I did not find this passage difficult but interesting. It’s a piece of art in my mind while reading this passage. I can imagine death in another dimension. I can picture what the author is trying to say that in individual can die in many dimensions by comparing to how people die on Earth. But what gave me a better vision of this passage is due these sentences, “Elvis pointed out while we were on the road, early on, that when I travel. I feel free to smoke. I drink, smoke, and fuck with a vengeance.”  I think from this passage is that Rocky is in a different time of space when she traveling. She feel free to do whatever do whatever she could do without be told or ask for permission. Is she thinking about smoking and drinking again?

“A purely North American obsession,” which came right after the sentence I chose. Fact shown here is describing that is it an American thing to do. During this scene, Rocky is now in the Philippine. “I wonder if I will start smoking again,” (same page). After seeing people selling Marlboros and Winstons, and others items to make a living. Rocky picture herself back in the day when she still have the freedom to do things; she is imagining herself being young and free in America. In the short paragraph explains Rocky’s daydreaming of her time in America.

Sometimes I wish I can smoke a one or two. I reminisce my younger days with my family and friends; to do one thing at a different location than I grew up. I am still new to the Bay Area. After writing this essay, it brought my memories from what I did when I younger and still living among my families and friends. Now I am here in the Bay Area three hours away from home, I have no one that is close to me beside my older brothers.



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