Difficultly Essay

“Now that we had a name, some of the fragmented pieces began to fall together– who we were, what we were, how we had evolved.”

1. What difficults or problems are you having? Why is this difficult?

This phase has a lot meaning to me to who I am. People, students, friends do not know my background. Where did  my I come from.

Can you define the term “name?”

2. The “name” is what to be recognize by someone. Living in the United States, an individual will be recognize unless that individual have done something to satisfy the higher power people. Sometime, an individual is still not being recognize even though he or she has done great things for the nation. They may still be living in the shadow.

3. As a culture, they call themselves Spanish referring to a linguistic group but really they are 70-80 percent Indian. They called themselves Hispanic or Spanish-American or Latin American or Latin.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. eganding
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 16:36:32

    This is a difficult passage indeed, and I’m glad you’re pushing yourself here. You mention that the passage has “a lot of meaning to who I am.” How so? In your future difficulty essays, try to push for a couple more sentences.

    I also like that you expose the complication of the term ‘name’. Name is so simple, yet can be very complicated when looking at it closely. Way to notice this..

    Further I like that you see the “weirdness” in being ‘called’ Latin when they are more “Indian”. What does this say about our names?

    Good work so far..keep using the difficulty essay to push that discussion further


  2. ginsueyang
    Sep 11, 2011 @ 17:15:03

    The term “name” is one simple word that indicate an individual or group. Outside the box, an individual or group have multiply names, some of the names of an individual or group can be hurt and could get you killed. For example, the African-American, they have been on the soil of United States of America over a century, but yet they are still not being recognize by the superior. The African-American have been called Nigger where they wish not to be called by this term. They get defenses when they heard the term “Nigga.” However, they use that term to call on others. Which is another question I am curious to seek out.


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