Tan’s Discussion Assignment

Take a look at the passage you– Reflection? Narrative? Why?

The passage I chose is reflective, due to I reflecting myself in Tan’s shoe. I can relate to the things that had happened to her to me. I can relate to the things that had happened to her that had occurred to me. Why does it matter that there has to be one way of speaking English. Speaking is a way that shows who that individual is. There are more than one way of speaking English– Broken, Slang, and Proper English. No is no right or wrong way of speaking English, as long people can communicate with one and another; even though, people prefer Proper English for communication and also to be recognize by others.

Blog Assignment #1

This activity was to see how and where an individual is standing. It shows where to begin the training for the individual for his/her to improve. The way to improve is to learn from your mistakes and others, and take it for granted your own source. Everybody makes mistakes and everyone learns from their mistakes. If you do learn from it then the circle is just repeating itself. Only he/she can change the circle.


My name is Ginsue Yang. Today, the first day of English class, was quite a caught for me. However, I did enjoyed the time being of seeing how the first day would be like. I hope everyone enjoyed their time as I did. Let’s make best of it!

Ginsue Yang



My email is ginsuetouyang@gmail.com if any one want to have a study group or anything that I could help you with.

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